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November 3, 2013
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[hufflepuff] Alexander Greye by Dulcetto [hufflepuff] Alexander Greye by Dulcetto

I - P r o f i l e

F u l l . N a m e

Alexander Greye

A g e


H o u s e


Y e a r - L e v e l

Fifth Year

B i r t h d a y

May 1st

H e i g h t . a n d . W e i g h t

5’9” ft (175 cm) || 146 lbs (66 kg)


I I - M ag i c a l . I n f o

W a n d . I n g r e d i e n t s

Unicorn Hair || Cypress || Very Flexible || 10 1/3 inches 

S p e l l . L i s t

Repairing CharmReparo
Causes a broken object to piece itself back together.

Shielding CharmProtego
Creates a shield from the caster's wand which deflects jinxes, hexes, and curses.

CounterspellFinite Incantatem
Counters a spell as it is being cast, or cancels an ongoing magical effect.

Bubble-Head CharmEbullio capitis
Creates a bubble of fresh air around the caster's head, allowing them to breathe underwater, or in other normally inhospitable situations.

Releasing CharmRelashio
Forces someone or something binding the caster to release

A simple healing charm, capable of restoring minor injuries. More serious afflictions require greater magic.

Creates a jet of flame which expels from the wand.

E l e c t i v e s 

Care of Magical Creatures
Muggle Studies


E x t r a . C u r r i c u l a r . S u b j e c t s 

Magical Theory



I I I - P e t . I n f o

P e t

Tiny-Tim the tiny newt

S p e c i e s


P e r s o n a l i t y

Cautious | Inquisitive | Quirky |
The 3-inch Red Eft newt whom Alexander chose to be his companion for the duration of his time in such a foreign place as Hogwarts. Timmy likes to keep the boy company and spends most of his time hiding within Alex’s clothing. The curious little bugger peeks from its hiding place every now and again. Timmy is cautious of any living creature that he can’t devour and likes to make sure that he doesn’t become a prowling predator’s next morsel.


I V - B i o g r a p h y

P e r s o n a l it y

V i r t u e s

Loyal | Considerate | Innovative | Reliable


F l a w s

Oblivious | Slow-witted | Passive | obsequious

Alexander’s strengths lie in his infallible devotion to his friends. It takes more than a few harsh words to rile him up, opting to simply forgive those who wish him any ill will or harm.  Though, his willingness to please others at the expense of his dignity makes him seem like somewhat of a stepping stool. That doesn’t mean Alexander is unable to get upset.


Retaliation and lashing out against those who hurt him in some way are not Alex’s forte; instead he prefers to consider the feelings of the other and tries to see things from their perspective to better understand the motive for their behavior.


Whenever Alexander becomes upset or gloomy, he shies away from his peers and shuts himself in, preferring to craft something to distract him from his troubles as a form of self-therapy until he feels better.


One trait that Alex managed to inherit from his late grandfather is his skill to think outside the box. Following what’s tried and true is nice, but discovering new ways to solve problems and possibly improve upon them by using new techniques is what Alex prefers. Because Alexander’s strengths do not lie in his knowledge and wisdom, most of his innovative techniques turn into a huge flop.


Though he’s not the brightest bulb, his friends know that what he lacks in wit, he makes up for with his warm nature and devotion. He’s the one friend that would never abandon another no matter how the tides turn.

L i k e s . a n d . D i s l i k e s 

Making friends 
Cooking ( Just simple dishes)
♥ Mystery

Woodworking ( mostly small objects. Nothing advanced.) 

Raspberries (allergic)

Surplus (Studying, Exercise, Sleep, etc. Basically, too much o anything)

H i s t o r y 


Alexander Greye was born to two self-interested parents who were quickly falling out of love and imagined that perhaps bringing a child into the world would rekindle the dull feelings for one another that were threatening to fade. Three years after Alex was born, it was made firmly apparent that even a child could not save their failed marriage. The two quietly separated, divorcing and splitting their sweet little Alex into two by opting for joint custody, an act done to spite one another without much regard to how it would affect their child.

 His mother moved back to Sweden while his father remained in Britain. Such a split was quite distressing for the Alex, as 6 months out of every year he was henceforth carted back and forth between Britain and Sweden. During his stay at his fathers’ place, Alex quickly learned that the businessman didn’t care to spend much time with him, often leaving the little boy to be cared for by a nanny and going about his business after a quick hair-ruffle and typical ‘be a good boy for your father.’ Time spent his mother pretty much followed suit in the same way with a few slight differences here and there.  The images of the backs of his parents facing him as they left to go about their daily lives burned most vividly into his memory.

The growing child’s social life was also left to suffer. He was subjected to being the ‘new kid’ at school whom started mid-semester on many occasion. It proved difficult, practically impossible for him to cultivate any type of friendships with the other children. Though Alex wished deeply for lasting friendships and deep connections, shallow friendships and dull bonds were all that he managed to cultivate during his time at the various learning institutions.

Unfortunately, Alex bore the brunt of the selfish acts of his parents upon his small shoulders. He didn’t want to be seen as a bad child in the eyes of his parents, so he quietly tucked the pain eating away at him deep into the corners of his heart.

It wasn’t as if there was no silver lining to Alexander’s gloomy childhood. Two months out of every year were spent with his maternal grandparents in the countryside, if he got lucky, three. They were the warmest, kind and gentle couple in Alex’s eyes, a testament to what a real family should be.  He became particularly fond of the time spent with the two and spent a great deal of time helping them with chores and picking up some his grandfather’s hobbies in an attempt to be just like him, much to his grandpa’s amusement. Every night before bed, his grandfather would tell him a bedtime story. Tales of magic, mystery and adventure in a magical world where anything and everything is possible played like a movie behind his eyelids as he dozed off. How wonderful it would be if such a world existed. Alas, when Alex awoke…nothing had changed.

When Alexander was around age 9, his father remarried and had another child. The months he spent at his father’s place became strained. It felt as if the boy was simply an outsider, an unwanted guest impeding on his father’s new life. His mother, wrought with anger at the news that her ex-husband had finally moved on demanded that Alex’s father relinquish his joint custody of the child. And so the bitter back and forth over the child began yet again. Alexander, the voiceless good child finally spoke up and admitted that he wanted to live with his maternal grandparents. The news came as a shock to his parents, though shock quickly turned to relief. His father no longer had to fret over how Alex would get along with the new members of the family and his mother wouldn’t have to worry about the boy being pawned off onto her. Alexander’s grandparents eagerly consented to taking custody of the boy and even Alex couldn’t stifle his excitement over the matter. Many happy memories followed.

Alexander’s life had finally started to take a turn for the better but being in the care of two elderly people who weren’t getting any younger came with risks of its own kind. Two weeks before his 11th birthday his grandfather became terminally ill. The old man’s heart was simply giving out, much to the devastation of both Alex and his grandmother. The two sat at the ailing man’s bedside and listened to him prattle on about magic and wizards and….Hogwarts. What a horrid time to bring up such nonsense! Alex stayed quiet and listened to his grandfather up until his final breath. The old man would be sorely missed.

Still freshly grieving the loss of his grandfather, and with his dear grandmother taking a turn for the worse in the wake of her husband’s death, Alexander received his invitation to the fabled school of Hogwarts. His late grandfather, a pure-blood wizard, must have known that his grand-child had magical aptitude. A representative of the magic school came to explain everything to the bewildered boy. Truly, Alexander wished to go right away but at the same time he could not readily abandon his grief-stricken grandmother. Silence filled the room as the representative waited for Alexander’s response. The boy kept quiet so the representative supposed that it would be appropriate to come back some other time.

Alexander spent the year taking care of his grandmother and spent his nights dreaming of the magic school. It didn’t help that he received the invitation letter spam daily as a constant reminder, either! His grandmother’s recovery was slow and steady, but she did ultimately recover enough to assure the sweet boy that it was his time to chase his dreams. The old woman knew that the child deserved a better life and that maybe he would find it at Hogwarts like her late husband did.

And so, with his grandmother’s permission, Alexander Greye accepted his Hogwarts invitation, albeit a year late. The wide-eyed boy was guided through the transition by a designated guardian sent from the school and was taken to Diagon Alley to pick up his items. While at Ollivander’s, a very plain-looking Cypress wand caught his eye. He seemed to be drawn to the thing that could easily be mistaken as a detached broomstick handle. Now as for his pet, well, that’s a different matter. Tiny-Tim crawled into Alex’s sleeve as he wandered about browsing the wares of the foreign place. It caused quite the commotion as the boy wriggled about to remove the slimy little newt. The little thing seemed to take quite a shine to Alexander so the boy chose not to part from it.

He found himself sorted into the house of the loyal, dedicated and kind: Hufflepuff. The match fit him perfectly like a glove though, he was a little saddened that he wouldn’t be able to follow exactly in his grandfather’s ( Ravenclaw) footsteps. It’s time for the boy to forge his own path. He only wishes that his grandfather was there to see him develop as a wizard. . .


V - E x t r a

V o i c e

Tachibana Shinnosuke


F a m i l y

Grandfather -  Hugo Greye: Hogwarts (Ravenclaw) (Pure-blood)

Grandmother - Sofia Greye

Papa - Wilmer Greye
Mama -  Jeanne Greye

R e l a t i o n s h i p s

Merry Weather - First friend made at Hogwarts.

T r i v i a

Magic mystifies him still

Has a beauty mark on his chin

Has an odd sense of humor and is an avid fan of puns

Does a bit of crafting in his free-time and likes to carve simple wood figures and trinkets

Always looking to make friends

Is very cheesy and old fashioned when it comes to romance

Often talks to Tiny-Tim the tiny newt

Tiny Tim is only 3inches or roughly 8cm


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CreamofDespair Featured By Owner Jan 31, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I feel so stalkerish... :iconpapcryplz:... but I really do love this oc.... my own LF girl may or may not have a crush on Alexander.  :iconmoeblushplz:

Ahh possible incoming of creepy slash art.
Dulcetto Featured By Owner Feb 4, 2014
LMAOO---Alex would be flattered. That poor hopeless fellow. I'm glad that you like him :iconlazepoolplz: he's my precioussss bb. //Has no idea what creepy slash art is * v *))
xMini-Momo Featured By Owner Jan 16, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
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Dulcetto Featured By Owner Dec 12, 2013
Thank youu LMAO those bug eyes jguguhhh I'm glad you like him <3
LightningEffect Featured By Owner Dec 12, 2013  Student Traditional Artist
Nah not bug eyes man shh, they're a really pretty color,
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They kinda match his pet's- //hit
AngryMuffinTop Featured By Owner Dec 10, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
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